Get Excited With Wordpress Plugins

The purpose of this article is to get you excited about how dead easy it is to make a Wordpress plugin.

  1. Create a PHP file in wp-content/plugins with the name of the plugin, let's say qpleple-plugin.php. Add some metadata and one first function:

    Plugin Name: qpleple plugin
    function qpleple_page($page)
        echo '<a href="' . $page . '">' . $page . '</a>';
  2. The plugin qpleple-plugin is now listed on the plugin page in the admin console. Activate it.

  3. You may now call all the functions of qpleple-plugin.php into your theme:

    You may want to read: 
    <?php qpleple_page("get-excited-with-wordpress-plugins") ?>

Going further

Of course, now you want to know more about it. I am kind enough to give you some leads:

Quentin Pleplé
June 2011