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Homework API

This API is an interface to order some homework to be done. See the hosted version on Mashape.


POST request on /submitHomework with the parameter content containing the exercise will issue a job id. An notification email is sent to the API host with the id of the new homework. You can check the status (pending or done) of the job with a GET request on /status/{id}. You can get the solution of the exercise when the job is done with a GET request on /solution/{id}. Powered by [](( API Framework.


  • Edit config-example.php into config.php by filling out the parameters

  • Edit api-example.php into api.php by changing the baseUrl

  • If you are behind Nginx and you can not use Apache url rewriting, add the line try_files $uri /api.php; to the nginx configuration.


Mentioned by Techcrunch in Mashape, The Etsy Of Cloud Services, Goes Beta; Lets You Monetize Your APIs In A Click

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Check out this awesome API: Getting Homework Done via @mashape - AMAZING IDEA! @qpleple

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Made me giggle. Late on your homework ? There's an API for that

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Getting Homework Done: an API to order your homework to be done

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With school back in session, clearly lots of homework being done. Go figure, here is a HomeWork API on Mashape to help.

Quentin Pleplé
June 2011