Project: Homework API

🦖 This post was published in 2011 and is most likely outdated.

This API is an interface to order some homework to be done. See the hosted version on Mashape.

See project on github


POST request on /submitHomework with the parameter content containing the exercise will issue a job id. An notification email is sent to the API host with the id of the new homework. You can check the status (pending or done) of the job with a GET request on /status/{id}. You can get the solution of the exercise when the job is done with a GET request on /solution/{id}. Powered by API Framework.


  • Edit config-example.php into config.php by filling out the parameters

  • Edit api-example.php into api.php by changing the baseUrl

  • If you are behind Nginx and you can not use Apache url rewriting, add the line try_files $uri /api.php; to the nginx configuration.


Mentioned by Techcrunch in Mashape, The Etsy Of Cloud Services, Goes Beta; Lets You Monetize Your APIs In A Click

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Check out this awesome API: Getting Homework Done via @mashape - AMAZING IDEA! @qpleple

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Made me giggle. Late on your homework ? There’s an API for that

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Getting Homework Done: an API to order your homework to be done

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With school back in session, clearly lots of homework being done. Go figure, here is a HomeWork API on Mashape to help.