Project: Wordpress On Dotcloud

🦖 This post was published in 2011 and is most likely outdated.

This is a package with the scripts and configuration files needed to deploy Wordpress on Dotcloud.

See project on github

Copy all the files of this package in the root of your Wordpress directory and push to Dotcloud:

cd wordpress
git clone
mv wordpress-on-dotcloud/* .
dotcloud create myblog
dotcloud push myblog

Due to a Dotcloud issue, you may have to push twice the first time: dotcloud push myblog. Push local modifications to remote server with:

dotcloud push myblog

Note that remote wp-content/ will not be overwritten. so uploaded static files will be kept and local plugins and themes will not be pushed remotely.

Under the hood

The package contains:

  1. The dotcloud.yml file required to push to Dotcloud declaring 2 services:

       type: php
       type: mysql
  2. The nginx.conf file telling Nginx to redirect everything to Wordpress front controller as Dotcloud does not support .htaccess files (included in Wordpress):

     try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php;
  3. The postinstall script that is a post-install hook and will be executed by Dotcloud after each push. It executes the scripts in the dotcloud-scripts/ directory.

  4. The feed-wp-config.php script (executed by the post-install hook) that gets the parameters of the just created MySQL Dotcloud service, write them into the wp-config.php file and create the database if it does not exist. If wp-config.php does not exist, it will create it from wp-config-sample.php.

  5. The script (executed by the post-install hook) that persists the wp-content/ directory containing uploads, installed plugins and themes. It moves the directory from ~/code/wp-content it to ~/data/wp-content and makes a symlink to it, because ~/code will be overwritten at each push.