Deploy A Toy PHP Application On Pagoda Box

🦖 This post was published in 2013 and is most likely outdated.

Yesterday I published a post about how to deploy a toy PHP application on AppFog, today it is the turn of Pagoda Box. Create an account on Pagoda Box and add your SSH key to your account, we will be pushing through SSH. Finish the initial setup by installing Pagoda’s command line tool:

$ gem install pagoda

Create your PHP app:

$ mkdir coffee
$ cd coffee
$ echo "<?php echo 'Drink coffee'; ?>" > index.php
$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit -am "Initial commit"

Then create and deploy

$ pagoda create coffee

This will create a remote git repository named pagoda. Just push to that remote to deploy or update.

$ git push pagoda --all

You can see you app at http://<yourapp> To update your app, git commit your changes and git push them the same way:

$ git push pagoda --all